Chris and Brady Smith

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Questions about Real Estate  
How to buy, sell or finance?
Moving or looking for a dream home in Sonoma County?
Need to find out the value of your home?
Our passion is helping others with real estate needs... For 17 years 
in Sonoma County we have been very successful helping hundreds
of people buy and sell homes. We have specialized in Santa Rosa
single family residences, foreclosures, and short sales, as well as
having helped many families.

There is no substitute for the experience, diligence, energy and the care
we put into our efforts to work with homebuyers and sellers. We have
over 35 years of negotiating sales skills to help you get the best value
for your purchase or sale.

Chris grew up overseas in the Middle East, Central and South America,
Africa and Indonesia, and still speaks Spanish.

Brady spent 4 1/2 years in the Navy contributing to anti-terrorism,
anti-piracy and drug interdiction while traveling different parts of the world.

Years ago, we settled in the heart of the Wine Country here in Sonoma
and feel this is one of the greatest places to live! We are looking for people
who love this area, to help in the real e state world